Strongly Relating With This Brings Love

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’re now in the final week of the Moon of Relatedness & Challenge​, in this year of mirroring stormy relatedness and challenge! 

The past week, fiery Mars in Aries stationed retrograde in this red Earth wave, and indeed, the west coast (and more) of the US further erupted in flames and the skies turned mad max red-orange. There’s an inflamed, irritating quality to this energy and time. It’s very real that embodiment is endangered. 

And, amidst it all, we’re being tested and strengthened through meeting the demand that we step up to engage with the realities of this moment. So many layers of pretending things are fine or how we live is okay are being stripped away. 

This is also a time, over the next couple of months, for remembering where and when we’ve given up our will to choose to show up strongly as us in the moment. We can regather this energy and oomph, and we need to! 

Yesterday, Jupiter in Capricorn turned direct, and is now slowly beginning to move forward again, bringing solidly slow expansiveness to our journeying. Once again, we’re Riding the Elephant…

Tomorrow (Monday), before dawn in the east, Venus shines amidst the buzzing Beehive Cluster, and Moon visits for the 3rd divestment. Now, we relinquish our protective necklace of habitually manipulative words and learn to speak sweet, naked love.

Dog loves this! Waggingly. Tuesday, begins the 13-day Dog wave, through which we learn to love like Dog, with authentic and natural loyalty and devotion in relatedness of all kinds.

Thursday’s New Moon in Virgo brings us, and our love, into grounded, practical service to the sacred dimensions of loving.

Jupiter & Saturn shine in the South evenings, with bright Mars in the East.

Hear the whole story in my Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Strongly Relating with This, with Love,


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