Flying Into Freedom Amidst the Stars

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The eve of the Moon of Freedom is upon us. This is a time of moving through the cosmic gate of the year, returning to revel in the great All-That-Is. 

Eagle flies us into a new form of freedom, bringing independence of vision and action that allows room for magic, the possibility of profoundly transforming, and starlit soaring into new heights and dances.

Star shines beyond the cosmic gate, the sparkle of our ancestors beckoning us to leap into living the freedom of our greater beingness as humans on earth in the cosmos. Living in this galaxy, guided by the beauty-story of the stars, ripens us into magical beingness.

In a fitting close to this 13-year Moon journey, we enter an eclipse season with a Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd, offering a freeing reset in our relationship with home, family, and ancestors.

Hear the story in my Moon 13 Podcast.

Happy Flying into Freedom Amidst the Stars,


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