Nighty Night

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

After the past couple weeks of the Dog wave, and its focus on connection with who and what we love, on Friday we entered the 13 days of the Night wave, a time that’s way more inward (in our homes and our selves). Are you feeling it? I’ve barely been able to do anything! I just​ want to sleep and read and play music. This is a time for noticing dreams and the stories we tell and listen to, as they become our What Is! Indulge in the slowness and inwardness of this time…

Tomorrow, Saturn goes retrograde. This stationing time is one of slowing down (even as Saturn slows down), and maturing in meeting What Is.

Wednesday and Thursday before dawn in the east, as we migrate from the Moon of Manifestation into the Moon of Liberation, Moon visits Venus for the 6th divestment. Relinquishing the girdling belt, we begin to flow from the elixir field of our 2nd chakras.

Hear more in my Moon 10 podcast

The Moon 11 Podcast is coming later this week!

Venus shines as the Morning Star, along with Jupiter and Saturn in the predawn eastern sky. ​Mars is faintly journeying between the​ horns of the Bull in the in the west early evenings.

Happy Night,


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