Earthly Forms of Loving


Was the Full Moon in Taurus strong enough for ya?! Perhaps a bit of yearning for simple earthly pleasures? Maybe we can get some sleep tonight…

Liberated from planning and efforting as our way of bringing the next level into form, living well on Earth now happens through navigating by synchronicity, even as the ground shifts beneath and within us, the tectonic plates of our beings crashing together, pushing up new mountains. All this, as Saturn in Sagittarius squares Chiron in Pisces, a reminder that divination, ancestors, and the living of our gifts guide us on this healing/teaching journey. A visit to Porrima, the Goddess’ heart, stills the restlessness of Mars.

This is the time of conception, of us living freely on Earth, changing like the Moon, waters flowing, knowing growing…The 13 Moon day that closes this Earth wave on Wednesday, Nov 8th, is the Conception day for next new year (beginning on July 26th) in this calendar from which I speak. Which will be the last year of a 13-year Moon journey, that began in 2006, a journey of learning to live the rhythms of waxing & waning, of phases & signs.

On Thursday, a new form emerges, refining and clarifying us as it carries us from this Moon of Form toward the Moon of Selfhood. Like a joyful Dog, loving what we do & who we do it with ripens us into living a harmonious flow between time & timing, a fiery, seriously spontaneous, happy dance with Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. Let’s run with our Dogs, rather than letting the barking of the big dogs keep us from our play!

Low in the east before dawn, Venus and Jupiter reach each other in an expansive deeply Scorpionic embrace. The power of Love is strong and deep. So many forms of love!

Happy Earthing and Loving,


Essence Elixirs Experience
Wednesday, December 6th, 6–7:30pm (pacific time)
How essences are made & Dosing with essences to shift our experience
This will take place on Zoom, via an online videoconference.
Click the link in one of my cosmic update emails to sign up (it’s free). 
You’ll be emailed the Zoom access info.


Datebook 2018
A colorful and curvaceous week-at-a-glance calendar for 2018 (January–December),
showing the day signs, numbers and waves for each day.
Orders now will be mailed in mid-November


The live sessions are complete, but you can still join us if your ancestors are calling for your attention ~

Finding Ourselves through Remembering Our Ancestors
A Virtual Workshop 
on your computer or iPad via an online course environment
Weekly invitations into the Lessons, Video Recordings, and Activities.
Engage with the:

  • WHY of approaching our ancestors
  • HOW of tracking them, and
  • WHO, WHEN, WHERE, and WHAT of their storied lives
  • EXPLORE in getting to know their timings and places

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