Liberating Our Maturity

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The Saturn square of Chiron is exact today (Sunday), and will linger for another week or so. Notice internal tensions that arise, as they are likely to best be resolved through taking yourself seriously and offering your gifts. This is about actually being mature, rather than allowing yourself to hang out in your old familiar lifelong wounds.

Jupiter is shining us through the nights (seen in the south-southeast). Venus is at its brightest in the east as the Morning Star well before the Sun, and astrologically has just moved into Aries once again. So, be strong and bold with your love!

Mercury is hanging in the vicinity of Uranus for the next couple of weeks, so notice the crackling energy of your thoughts and communications. Unexpected messages may arrive, or arise out of you. Mercury is still retrograde, but is slowing down and stationing before turning direct this Wednesday. Give yourself time to get sparked into moving on things again, knowing that really breaking new ground on projects will best start around May 20th when it moves beyond the retrograde shadow. For now, you can do some catching up and getting ready and seeing how that thing you thought was going to be one way, might actually be better another way... This is the gift of Mercury retrograde periods.

On Tuesday, we begin the 11th Moon of this 11 Storm year, on a 5 Storm day, bringing the energetic liberation of our experience of selfhood, as independent Eagle flies us up to the next level. This whole next four weeks of Moon 11 is a big cosmic bang opportunity to liberate ourselves!! With Saturn square Chiron in play as we begin, and Saturn trine Uranus to come in the midst, we’re being invited to release who we’ve been and embody our own authority and maturity so strongly and deeply that we can truly trust and meet the timely unfolding of life. This has been building for a year and will be playing out and integrating for a year to come…

Hear the Liberating Story in my Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Liberating Your Maturity,

Stargazer Li

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