Sparking New Life in the Oceans of Our Being

Greetings Keeper of Time,

A New Moon in Pisces solar eclipse is happening as I write this morning (visible in the deep southern hemisphere, mostly over oceans), with Neptune standing by to deepen the oceanic vastness that is opening before us and within us. Find your way to receiving this as an invitation to commune intuitively and storiedly with the universe in a new way rather than going the very available victim/martyr route of being overwhelmed by the watery emotion of despair at what seems to be unfolding…

Also right now, in a profoundly juxtaposing sense, Mars is exactly conjunct Uranus in Aries, sparking very strong energies of excitement and activation. This may be an unruly, unpredictable, and even dangerous time as impulsive expressions of anger could spill over into rage and violence. Protect yourself so as not be overrun by the upwelling feelings. Don’t be distracted by the reactionary impulse coursing through the culture. Find ways to release the energy through action that serves.

This dynamic brings to mind the moment of life sparking in the ocean. What is sparking to life in your oceanic being? Use the energies this week to actively hold and nurture that spark. Bring forth new life as your response!

What else is happening this week, in a totally connected way, is that Mars and Uranus will be opposing Jupiter in Libra, which reminds us that this is a relational journey we’re on, and that in the realm of relatedness everything is getting expanded these days. Love who and what you love. Run with your DogsBecome a Love Warrior! You can see Jupiter rising in the east before midnight near the star Spica, the Seed Jewel in the Hand of the Goddess. Don’t snatch what you want; learn to court with gifts freely given. 

This Tuesday early evening the Crescent Moon will be with Venus in the west, early evening, for the 8th and final visit before Venus turns retrograde next weekend and begins to quickly drop from the evening sky. will slip This is the 8th vestment, the soul star, located above our heads. This is the vestment of the tall crown where our soul star can nestle in the very top. Being conferred by the Piscean Moon which has just eclipsed the Sun, this invites us to a higher plane of awareness and engagement with life. 

Hear more in my Moon 8 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Sparking New Life in the Oceans of Your Being,

Stargazer Li


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