Wabi Sabi

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Have you noticed that the past month has been super challenging around your experience and sense of self?! Offness extraordinaire! We’ve had the (perhaps not so welcome) opportunity to see how WE actually show up as annoying, entitled, whiny, critical, and immature jerks. Through a great humbling and storm of selfhood, we’ve been made to see it, feel it, know it, and be deeply motivated to do something about it! Even when it seems like the circumstances made us be off… It’s time to choose differently, to choose to show up as our more authentic human selves everywhere all the time, even when we fail, again and again… We have to actually BE the change!

The Sun joins with Saturn in its shining on this Saturnday. Plus, it’s a 5 Warrior portal day in the Human wave in Moon 5 of Selfhood. This is a day for serious undertakings, for taking our selves seriously, and for presencing in a mature way… This is a portal to living as the new self that’s been slowly sprouting in our beings.

We’ll be more fully meeting the world beyond ourselves soon, starting on Tuesday, but for now, we’re still adjusting our self of sense that we’ll be meeting the world with!

The nearly Full Moon Tuesday night rises with and then occults (passes between the Earth and the star, temporarily blocking the light) the star Aldebaran, the red eye of Taurus the Bull… giving us a conspiratorial wink!

Mercury retrograde is a little over a week away, so now’s the time to make those travel arrangements or buy those electronics. And believe me, this holiday season is going to be a doozy! The Moon 6 Podcast is coming early this week, so stay tuned! And, just so you know, Moon 6 is the absolute biggie of the year!!

New Essence Elixir has emerged for this time, which is always a divination of what we’re needing to take in and become. Let me introduce:

Wabi Sabi

for peacefully and humbly welcoming the unfolding of life, and all the natural beauty of its impermanence and imperfection, without craving anything else…

I highly recommend the combination of the Essence Elixirs Wabi Sabi and This to support us in these times. Showing up and meeting life in this moment; so simply, so needed!!

This weekend, you can find me, along with my Essence Elixirs, Cosmic Mists, Datebooks, and Calendars at the Sebastopol Goddess Craft Faire Dec 10-11th 11am-7pm. Music, beauty, and good people… Come on by and spritz with Deep in the Cave!

There’s a lot more about what’s going on these days you can learn through my Moon 5 Audio Calendar Podcast

Happy Peacefully Welcoming the Natural Unfolding of Self,

Stargazer Li


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