Becoming Real

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Quite the times! I’d guess you’ve been noticing the abundance of opportunities for surrender, humility, and dying to who you’ve been as of late, particularly since the Full Moon?!

This theme continues through Monday when we begin Moon 9, the Moon of Realization. These coming weeks are a time in which the actions we’ve been taking, the actualness of what we’ve been living, become real as our lives, selves, and world in a new way.

There are plenty of potent actual sky happenings to confirm the powerfulness of this time…

Before dawn on Monday, Venus and the Moon come together in the eastern sky for the 7th time since Venus has been the Morning Star. This is the 7th divestment in which, right along with Venus, we drop our robes and stand naked gazing into a World-bridging mirror, the mystical world making sure we feel its presence and that we’re really keeping it real.

Then Tuesday brings a total solar eclipse in infinite watery Pisces, conjoined with Chiron the Wounded Healer/Teacher. While this is primarily only visible in SE Asia (Hawaii could see a partial eclipse), the whole world will be feeling this one as the boundaries dissolve so that we might birth the embodiment of living in directly experienced mystical union with the universe, and from this place offering our gifts through healing, teaching, and mentoring.

Oh, did I mention this eclipse comes on the first day of the 13-day Storm waveWe’re about to experience a transformation of our energetic reality. This is an activation of the field in which we reside.

There’s a Jupiter in Virgo trine of Pluto in Capricorn drawing near (both Earth Signs), which will help us to ground this energy into tangibility. The themes throughout this Moon 9 center around bringing the energy of spirit through us into matter.

The planet Jupiter is at opposition, rising in the east as the Sun sets in the west, and shining brightly throughout the night. Go out and say hello, and invite some of Jupiter’s expansiveness into your earthing of spirit!

Here’s the Moon 9 Audio Calendar Podcast.
This feels like one of those potent and timely podcasts. Worth a listen!

Happy Realizing,

Stargazer Li


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