Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tomorrow morning (Monday) before the dawning of the sparkling Star wave, the waning Crescent Moon joins Venus in the east. This is the fourth divestment, in which Venus removes the amulet or breastplate that protects her heart, ready to meet life fully-heartedly. This is a time for having the heart to be our creative selves, to be devotional, elegant expressions of the unfolding… 

For you daytime Venus watchers, the Moon will actually occult Venus (meaning pass between Earth and Venus) on Monday. Click here for details on how and when to see Venus disappear and re-emerge.

The other vibe that’s in play is Mars activating the Uranus Pluto square that started buzzing this weekend and continues through this coming week. After the the seven exact passes over three years that completed last spring, now the square is drawing near again to remind us to live the revolutionary uniqueness of our deeply transforming selves, not just talk about it! This square will get stronger in late December and early January, but Mars is getting it going in our bodies right about now!

So, these days, there’s a curious mix of open-hearted devotional loving of what is as we dance the unfolding, even as we’re being physically energized and deeply challenged to live our selfhood in actually-new ways!

Hear more in my Moon 5 Audio Calendar Podcast.

For some inspiration and an invitation as we enter the Star wave, give a listen to my recent interview on the Wonder of the Night Sky (and so much more on living in wonder). I also share my favorite starwatching tools and resources.

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Happy Starlighting,

Stargazer Li


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