Super Harvest Moon Eclipse

Greetings Keeper of Time,

There’s been way more motion the past week, which is a welcome change!!! With Mercury retrograde until Oct 9th, it may not always be forward motion, but this is a great time to clear some of the backlog and establish a good, clean, and clear foundation for when the time comes to move on…

I’ve been noticing it seems that many of us, having recently let go of a layer of efforting in meeting life and its challenges, are still dealing with all the “things to do” and “need to make a living” in a bit of a soul flattening way. It’s like we haven’t found our new source of motivation yet, haven’t found the will to live and move from our love of life and self and others, from actually wanting to!

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries this Sunday evening Sept 27th (into Monday am for some) might just get us riled up enough to find the place within ourselves from where this ooomph can spring. Let it happen. Get charged up. Want what you want, from your own depths. Love who and what you love, how you love. Take action from this depth of actually loving as your new way of moving in life!

A total lunar eclipse is a re-set time, it’s like experiencing a whole lunar cycle unfolding in hours rather than a moonth. Big change can happen in an embodied way, very quickly and ongoingly. This weekend is a potent one as we attune to the Earthing of our Love Warriorness, and seeing that reflected for real in our lives and the world around us and in us.

This is a BIG Total Lunar Eclipse as it’s the Harvest Moon (closest to the autumn equinox) and a Super Moon since the Moon is at perigee (closest to earth) and so appears slightly larger. It’s unusual to have an eclipse of a super moon. This is also the final in a series of four Total Lunar Eclipses over the past two years.

This eclipse is visible throughout North America (and Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa into 9/28). The west coast will see the moon rise nearly in total eclipse while the east coast sees the entirety of the eclipse. There are different opinions on whether it’s good to view an eclipse or not, energetically. Eclipse energy is usually unsettling and edgy to varying degrees. So, listen to what feels right for you.

If you want to view the eclipse, this is my favorite eclipse resource. Go there and click Will you be able to see it? and you’ll be shown the times for the start, totality, and end for your location and time zone.

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Happy Re-setting to Wanting to and Moving From Love,

Stargazer Li


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