Perceptually Shifting

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The Serpent Wizard’s new year portals have activated our bodies and beings, and the transformation of our experience of “What Is” has commenced…

Now, we’re in the Mirror wave and it’s time for transforming through making perceptual shifts that enable us to be more seriously masterful in living our enthusiasm for life and creative expression as our contribution to the world. There’s a tension between these qualities. Taking action to bring ourselves into the social world as who we are, through honoring both, is the key to a transformation that begins this week and will become more fully our lives next spring. This is the first pass of the Jupiter Saturn square that’s one of the big astrological transits for the year. It peaks this week so pay attention to what arises to be transformed through a shift in how you think of and see yourself.

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For the next few nights, Venus will be quite close to Jupiter again, IF you can see them before they set into the twilight in the west very early evening. They’re going down together!

Happy Perceptually Shifting,

Stargazer Li


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