Becoming Wizardly Serpent Portals

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Are you feeling the shift, how the quality of energy of the field we’re living in is so completely different now, especially since last Friday?

We’ve entered the Serpent wave and the Blue Realm of Transformation that’s carrying us into the new year this coming Sunday July 26th, a 10 Wizard day in the Serpent wave. And, we’re in the midst of 10 portal days in a row that’s quietly (and sometimes loudly) flooding us with this new energy that inspires and catalyzes the manifestation of our wizardry.

To manifest as Wizards is to be wise and hardy, effortlessly shape-shifting to meet the moment, trusting what’s wanting to unfold, guided by signs and divinations.

This year, to be living serpent portals is the wizardy, inviting sensual vitality to transform, heal, and strengthen our physical embodiment, and allowing the Universe to live As Us, Through Us. This is the new What Is.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Day Out of Time (my personal favorite day), a day after the year comes to a close and before the new year begins! This is a day on which I plan nothing and allow life to dance me fully in a journey of discovery. I invite you to enjoy a day out of time…

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Venus turns retrograde tomorrow and, along with Jupiter, will soon slip from the evening sky; so begin saying your goodbyes!

Happy Becoming a Wizardly Serpent Portal,

Stargazer Li


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