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Greetings Keeper of Time,

This evening and tomorrow evening, the Crescent Moon will be with Venus in the west, conferring the scepter, the 6th vestment of Venus, associated with the third eye and pineal gland. This is a time of taking up your sovereignty, particularly in relation to living the rhythms of day and night, of seeing and loving.

Mercury just went retrograde in Gemini on Monday (until June 11th), and the Sun moves into Gemini tomorrow. So, this is also a time to think again, to notice and follow your interests, and to transform how you show up in thinking and communicating.

Together, these energies suggest the emergence of a perceptual shift as we reapproach how we communicate what we know, and even how we know what we know. It’s a time of shifting from thinking to knowing… which can be liberating!

On Friday and Saturday nights, the Moon will be with Jupiter, astrologically in Leo, in keeping with the theme of loving what truly interests us, what lights us up, so that we show up, bringing ourselves through with enthusiasm. When we do, ways that have previously held us back dissolve.

Last week Mars was opposing Saturn and, for many, it made things feel more like heavy lifting, which wasn’t entirely true, but it seemed true, which sure was tiring…

This week Saturn is at opposition with the Sun, at its brightest, rising in the east southeast just off the left shoulder of the Scorpion as the Sun sets.

Saturn is retrograde in very early Saggitarius (astrologically), before slipping back into the Scorpionic depths in a couple of weeks. We’ve been introduced to the learning approach and arrow-following directionality of Saturn in Sag, but don’t think we have to keep moving forward. This is a time of exploring and getting to know some new ways, soon to go back and resteady within our own grounded depths in the midst of the deep waters.

We’ve begun manifesting in new ways, and had a round of releasing what no longer serves us, so with the Skywalker wave coming on Tuesday, we commence the journey of living this liberation at the next level…

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Happy Knowing,

Stargazer Li


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