The Beauty of Free Love

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Did you finally get some sleep last night? You may tonight as well…

Nothing like a massive solar flare hitting earth, plus the 7th pass of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Carpricorn, and a Total Solar eclipse over the past week to amp up the energies beyond our nervous system capacities. Not bad or good, just a huge energy overload, which can blow out and burn off a lot that might otherwise have remained stagnant.

Now, we can start to breathe anew, to calm our nervous systems even as we’re energized and slowly springing into motion. The astrology is much quieter for the next couple weeks, but we are still in the eclipse season, which is a changing time. And, if you’ve listened to my Moon 9 podcast, you know this is a time of great importance in realizing the transformations and becoming of the past several years.

It’s a time for being free in new ways. So, choose wisely, moment to moment, as if this moment and who we choose to be in response, is actually of great importance and impact for our entire lives, and for all of life.

On Sunday, we move into the Star wave for 13 days, ripening into the magic of living our freedom for real. This is the last wave before we birth a new 260-day cycle on the Full Moon.

Early Sunday evening, you can see the Crescent Moon with Venus in the west. This will be the 4th vestment of Venus, the amulet that can both protect and amplify the energy of our hearts! It’s time to love the beauty of the patterned unfolding of the story we’re woven within; it’s time for living beautifully, elegantly, and creatively… Find your amulet and place it over your head upon your heart with great reverence beneath the beauty of the Moon shining with Venus. Let this be your lived prayer.

Jupiter is shining so bright high overhead these evenings too. Such radiance!

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Happy Heartening,

Stargazer Li



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