Living In Mystical Union

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’ve been in the Warrior wave as of late, moving from the Moon of Attunement into Moon 8, the Moon of Action, of living what we believe. As Warriors, we’ve been invited and sometimes challenged to more fully embody and presence, to ripen into living our strength with greater dignity.

Mercury in Aquarius goes direct tomorrow, Wednesday, having retrograded all the way back to the site of the last New Moon. Now, as Mercury turns to move forward again, we shift into the Moon wave that begins the green realm of magic. We’ve ripened enough to be able to dare to live magically, moving with the unfolding phases and tides of the Moon, as masters of change.

Feel the rhythms for the next week, which will dance us into the New Moon in Pisces on Feb 18th, the Chinese Year of the Wood Sheep on Feb 19th, and the 3rd vestment of Venus on Feb 20th. These three days and nights are a pivot point, shifting how, and from where in our beings, we take action. Somehow, we’ll be blending mystical gentleness with powerfully passionate creative will. It’s time for us to move into Living In Mystical Union in a real way.

Venus is drawing nearer to Mars night to night, seen early evenings in the west. They’ll actually be closest together as the Crescent New Moon visits them on Feb 20th for the 3rd vestment of Venus. This is the third chakra vestment, the center of creative will and power, and the conferring of the ring of power. That Venus and Mars will be together for this vestment, astrologically in Aries, suggests a time of the Sacred Marriage within each of us that can free us to live more fully in our power.

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Happy Living,

Stargazer Li


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