Stabilizing & Ripening

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Happy Winter Solstice and New Moon in Capricorn! On this day we’ve also entered the Earth wave. These energies all have to do with maturing and ripening through steady, stabilizing activity. This is a time for practical focus on tangible earthly existence. Our growth from these past weeks now gets to settle in and be lived as how we meet the world and organize our experience.

This afternoon, Uranus in Aries went Direct, sparking a new fire that harkens the return of the light… 

On Tuesday morning, Saturn leaves two and half years in Scorpio and enters uplifting, seeking Sagittarius, where we shoot our flaming arrows and follow them, riding the arrow’s song… This brings a time of dedication to learning and study, to greater ease and positivity, to having some serious fun!

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We may or may not yet be able to see Venus emerging from the underworld low in the west (southwest) just as it’s getting dark. With all the cloudy nights I haven’t seen that shimmerer yet. Look below the crescent moon on the 23rd, and if there is such a bright shining one there, that would be the first vestment of Venus, or we await next new moon to don our cloaks…

Enjoy stabilizing your growthful gains,

Stargazer Li


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