There are seemingly subtle SHIFTs we can make in our perspective, actions, and use of language that change our experience of life in profound ways.

A slight SHIFT, especially if engaged with repeatedly and persistently, creates a movement, a beginning, that can change our frequency, direction, and trajectory.

One SHIFT, upon another, upon another, with the layers mixing and augmenting one another, and our lives become very different.

I’m not talking about “working on” or fixing old wounds or issues, but about establishing new vitally alive patterns that carry us to very different places.

For me, SHIFTing is a way of life, conversing with the unfolding, deepening into living in a welcoming way what’s emerging. Realizations come from allowing life to guide the way, to show and reveal the path to greater aliveness, presence, and authenticity.

Realizations become Transformational Distinctions that can be made again and again, lived moment to moment as Shifts.

This is how I live, all the time! While I do have many tools and avenues of approach for noticing the patterns, SHIFTing is what I’m doing, constantly.

And, so, I invite you to SHIFT too…

Join me (coming soon) as we SHIFT our way into embodying authentic presence.

It’s like a SHIFT-of-the-Month club!

In the first week of each Month you’ll be invited to make a new SHIFT…

INVITING:  The SHIFT of the month will be shared through an audio (like my podcasts, only shorter).

Mid-month, you’ll receive a link to a resource that supports the embodiment of that month’s SHIFT.

EMBODIED:  Resources (essences, books, articles, poems, who knows!) and SHIFTers discussion

Toward the close of the month, you’ll be invited to express this SHIFT in some creative way.

PRESENCE:  A Creative SHIFT you’re invited to make and share (totally optional, and totally optimizing)! Express this SHIFT through the creation of a song, dance, meal, poem, carving, caress…

Stay Tuned, SHIFT is Coming Soon!