Given current realities, I’m opening Conversations as an option for those who’ve not yet done a deep dive session with me (though this is the perfect time for a Deep Dive if you can swing it!).

Also, these can now be single Conversation sessions rather than having to be monthly (though monthly is optimal, and so helpful!).

For those who’ve experienced a Deep Dive Session, and want to keep going!

You, Li, & the Universe
in a series of monthly Conversations

You’re invited into ongoing engagement with embodied presence in meeting the ongoing unfoldment of…

  • your life
  • your business
  • your creative undertaking

…seeing and working with what’s wanting to unfold, and noticing and acknowledging the themes that are emerging.

Your life will never be the same!

Conversations will be led by the universe, and likely include a blend of…

  • presencing
  • noticing and working with what’s wanting to unfold
  • getting clear
  • living your nature
  • astrology
  • calendar journeying
  • dosing
  • divination

Hour and a half Conversations (usually, monthly for 4 months or more).

Via Zoom (videoconferencing) or Phone