Moon Changing Form

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Today begins the 13-day Moon wave, as we enter the green realm of magic, in this Moon of Form. Venus in Virgo trine Saturn​ in Capricorn shows this is a good day for flowing work in simple and practical sacred beauty making.

The crunchy challenges to staying present and embodied this past week or so have​ ripened us (and as Sun moved into Scorpio on Thursday, deepened us) sufficiently that we may now enter the realm of magic. Moon guides the way, changing form continually, effortlessly, naturally. 

On Sunday, deep diving Scorpionic Mercury stings the Sun in private (inferior conjunction, the poisoner inducing healing) mid retrograde​ journey, then Tuesday dips a toe back into Libran relatedness just as Venus enters Libra. Deep truths can be powerfully communicated in relatedness, with love.

Moon shines with Mars Wednesday & Thursday evenings this week, as Mars continues its retrograde journey and to shine at its brightest, and as we continue to be challenged to find our own creative will for wanting and choosing to meet This well and fully embodied!

Next weekend brings the serious Moon magic, with Full Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus on Oct 31st! I’ll have more to say as the moment approaches…

Hear the whole story in my Moon 4 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Moon Changing Form,



I have the 2021 Datebook ready to print and bind, but alas Mercury retrograde says otherwise… Not sure if this is a fatal flaw or will magically shift of its own accord. In this year of being willing to relinquish old structures, this might be time. We will see!!

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