Seeding Relatedness

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Yesterday, Sun moved into Virgo, abating the Leo fire energy that’s been dancing us, and moving our attention toward practical sacredness and sacred practicalness. It was also the last day of the originating and purposing Moon 1 in this Wizard Meets Mirroring Storm year.

Today, we enter Moon 2, the Moon of Relatedness and Challenge, in this Year of Relatedness & Challenge! The coming four weeks are a crucial learning zone for developing our skills and capacity for meeting the larger learnings of this year. 

How do we meet challenges? How do we show up in relatedness? Actually. 

We’re in the Seed wave, which gives some clues. This is a time for tending to natural growthfulness, organic unfoldings, and ripening transformations. We’re also now in the midst of ten intensifying portal days, bringing the larger dimensions actively into play, moment to moment, as transformational growth is accelerated. 

You’ll notice there’s no mention of trying hard or pushing for what we want. This is a time for being, for growing into our humanness. We don’t​ need to know how exactly, or have a plan. It’s just for us to show up and be in relatedness with air and soil and water and warmth, and do what’s ours to do.

There is tension building that serves as the opening challenge, with Mars in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn (exact on Monday). This assertion-of-authority tension resolves through shifting from fighting the seeming opposition to expressing our sovereignty. Time for getting real in relatedness, with all of Life.

Hear the story in my Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast.

The planets are all doing their thing, Mars rising bright int he east during the evening, with Jupiter and Saturn close together in the south evenings, while Venus shines brightly before dawn in the east. 

Happy Seeding Relatedness,


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Consider an Ancestor Tracking Session. This is a time for remembering ourselves as humans, connected with the humans that came before, as well as their times and places.


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