Move With What’s Moving

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The Storm wave continues in this Moon of Motion from the rest of this week. Major activations are happening, and things that have been formulating are getting rolling. Move with what’s moving…

Mercury moved into Scorpio a few days ago, and will remaining the​re through early December due to the upcoming retrograde that begins Oct 31st. A few passes through the​ deep as we learn to perceive and articulate what’s most potent and powerful. Be brave enough to tell yourself the deepest truths!

The Draconids Meteor Shower is happening, peaking Tuesday night. Draconids make for great viewing as they can be seen starting as soon as it gets dark. Radiant is in the north. Enjoy!!

Still keeping and eye out for Venus emerging in the west in the twilight, through it could still be a while as the angle of arising is very low at this point. Sometimes emerging from an underworld journey is low and slow…

Hear more in my Moon 3 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Moving With What’s Moving,


I’ll be offering up some Calendar Basics teaching in the next couple of weeks. I’m thinking to include some recordings plus a Q&A Zoom videoconference. I’ll for sure share how to Find your Birth and This Year Signs & Number, which a lot of folks have been finding very powerful as of late! Learn the Signs, Numbers, Colors, Waves, and Moons of which I speak…

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