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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Did our Moon in great fullness shining with oh so bright red Mars in the southeast keep anyone else awake deep into the past two nights?! During July, Mars is shining brighter than even Jupiter (who can be seen in the south/southwest evenings with Zubenelgenubi). Saturn is dancing around the Teapot​, rising a couple hours earlier than Mars (and looking not so bright in comparison). Venus graces the west in the early evenings, and if you look low on the horizon (and to the north of Venus), you might even catch a glimpse of elusive Mercury.

Throughout this year, New Moon by New Moon, we’ve been seeding ourselves with the 12 zodiac signs and their ways, integrating the cosmic dimensions and the organic earthed unfolding as our approach to journeying in life. Today, we begin the culminating 13-day Seed wave, which delivers us to the final New Moon of the Year, in Cancer (a partial eclipse). This is the Seeding of Freedom, to be found through nourishing & nurturing, home, family, & ancestral rooting.

Beginning on Tuesday, the Seed wave offers up 10 portal days in a row. It’s like the veil between the dimensions we’re usually aware of is thin and even pushed aside so that way more dimensions are actively in play, and for 10 days there is an intensifying potency. This is the sprouting and growth of the seed! Notice what sprouts and grows in you during this time. It’s been a year in the making, and its flowering and fruiting will bring forth and feed a new seed, a seed of freedom that will grow throughout the freedom-themed new year that begins July 26th!

The astrological landscape is quieted down a bit this week from how it has been (whew!). The main focus is the Wounded Healer Chiron stationing in early Aries (and the ruler of Aries, Mars, is recently retrograde and very brightly prominent). This is an opportunity to recognize the ways in which we act out of our wounding, and to pause and go back, and learn to live and offer our gifts through being in action in a strong and embodied way.

This Moon of Freedom is a pivotal time of stepping beyond the usual, beyond the constricted story and ways, beyond blaming someone or something else for our state. It’s a time of sprouting into living who we are, much more fully, experiencing and expressing the tremendous freedom we do have, which can help make more freedom possible for others.

Hear the fuller story in my Moon 13 podcast.

Happy Seeding Freedom,


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