Look Up!

Cosmic Update
Greetings Keeper of Time,

There’s a meteor shower this weekend, called the Orionids. The best viewing times are around 1–4am, but anytime in the night and well before dawn you’ll see more shooting stars than usual. And, with the New Moon yesterday, the skies will be nice and dark.

While you’re​ stargazing, you might want to see if you can find Uranus! Haha. Once a year, Uranus is opposite the Sun and so rises in the east as the Sun sets and is out all night. This is also when it is closest to Earth and gets just bright enough to be seen with the naked eye in dark skies, and that time is now! It will rise highest in the south around the mid of night. Look for the constellation, Pisces the Fishes. Anyone who’s stargazed with me, look for the fishline that connects the fishes in a gigantic V in the sky (under the Great Square of Pegasus), near the bottom left of the inside of that Pisces V is where Uranus can be seen, it looks kind of greenish. If you have binoculars it will appear as a disc rather than a dot. You can also use a stargazing app to help locate this elusive, and trippy fun planet. Here’s a link to a detailed map to help you find Uranus. Enjoy!! ​

Speaking of Stargazing with me, Tomorrow Night, Saturday Oct 21st, 7:30–10pm, I’m leading a stargazing evening (where kids are welcome), outside of Sebastopol. It was postponed from last weekend, so some spots have opened up. I’d love for you to join us!

As far as the energetic themes go, we’re still in the midst of sprouting new forms. This is the time to really listen to what feels right and do it! Real transformation of your experience is possible, and what new forms sprout now will continue to grow and grow… 

Hear so much more in my Moon 4 Audio Calendar Podcast

For you calendar fans, the 2018 Datebook is available for pre-order. I’ll begin printing this weekend, and it should be bound and ready to send out by early November.

In this deepening darkening time of year, I always find myself turning toward my ancestors, remembering them, and seeking to learn more of their lives and how they continue to live in me! If you’re feeling similarly called in this moment, perhaps you’ll join us for this:

Virtual Workshop ~Finding Our Selves through Remembering Our Ancestors
Saturdays, October 28th and Nov 4th.
Learn approaches to researching and discovering your roots and history, and honoringly re-vitalize your ancestors along the way.

Happy Looking Up,

Stargazer Li

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