Remembering Pleasure

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Here we are in the Moon of Manifestation, a time when through the actions we’ve taken, something has become real and is now clearly revealed and tangible. Notice what is manifest in your life. This is a divination.

This evening, Mercury in Taurus goes retrograde, until 5/3. This is about embodied thinking and communicating, turning back to re-examine and remember the pleasures of mind and mouth. Slow down, just a little. Allow thoughts and words to come from embodied strength. This is an opportunity to re-think what we value with our precious attention.

Revel tonight and tomorrow night in the able magic and power of the Fulling and Full Moon shining with Jupiter. They dance together near the star Spica, the Seed Jewel in the Hand of the Goddess. Libra signs the story, as our long learnings around relatedness are maturing is into a new What Is. Allow a sense of expansive good fortune to spur a courting generosity of spirit in meeting and greeting others and life. Jupiter is at opposition, rising in the east as the sun sets in the west, and shining at its brightest all night long. 

Venus is now brightly shining as the Morning Star, rising in the east before the Sun. Our Mystic Love Warrior approach to life brings the dawning of a new day.

With the Sun visiting Uranus midweek, just as we revisit the 11 Storm in the Moon wave energy that kicked off this year back in late July, there’s likely to be an unexpected spark, reminding us to walk and talk the learnings of the dissolving and letting go that’s been happening all year to liberate us to the next level, that we might trust ourselves and life amidst the rhythmic waxings and awnings as they unfold. This enables us to more maturely engage in relatedness of all kinds to the liberated rhythm of our own energetic uniqueness. This is the able power of magic!

Listen to the story that’s manifesting: Moon 10 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Remembering Pleasure,

Stargazer Li

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