Meteor Shower & Venus/Moon before dawn + Pop-up Stargazing this Friday

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Lots is happening in the stars! Tonight late night into pre-dawn, catch the Lyrids Meteor Shower. I was teaching stargazing to some kids and parents last night and we saw a few really big shooting stars (and that was early in the evening)!

Also, before dawn tomorrow/Sunday, you can see the waning Crescent Moon visit Venus as the Morning Star in the east. This is the first divestment, the relinquishing of the crown. Be willing, and delighted even, to remove and release what you once thought gave you power, so that you might journey toward the deepening of your true authority.

Join me for a Pop-up Spring Stargazing Intensive this coming Friday April 28th 6:30-11:30pm! The weather forecast is looking good.

Come enjoy a long evening out in a field under the winter and spring constellations, guided by a green laser wand, learning to find your way around the night sky and the names of the stars and constellations, while hearing folklore from many different times and cultures. 

We’ll also walk Stumphenge, sing the Sun down, and spin around like the earth while learning how the solar system works, all before the stars even come out!!

Mercury is still retrograde, now in Aries. And, Mars has moved into Gemini. Notice how you want to embody thinking and communicating differently…

Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces will draw even closer over the coming week. Notice the divination conversation that the universe is offering. It’s showing your way to the living of your gifts rather than your wounds…

Hear more of the story that’s manifesting: Moon 10 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Stargazing,

Stargazer Li

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