Go Direct!

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Good news! Mercury goes direct tomorrow (Sunday) morning, after a few weeks of being retrograde! As of late and for a few days more, Mercury is doing this pirouette in alignment with the galactic center, so we’re being invited to attune our thinking and communicating to the much larger perspective of the galaxy in which we live!

Interestingly, as of tomorrow, ALL of the planets will be direct. While not rare (as this happens every year or few), this is an unusual state. Usually, one or more planets are retrograde, and those energies or functions in life are asking for review, reflection, and revision. This customary back and forthness teaches us that life isn’t usually about the forward march but more a multi-layered waltzing 1, 2, 3, forward, back and forward again over the same ground.

However, for the coming nearly a month, we will have all systems go, all planets proceeding directly. This invites us to be direct and go direct, to take action from all the levels of our beings moving together, with nothing holding us back, and no dancing around to get ready. 

Mercury does have a couple weeks of moving forward through the zone it just retrograded through, so this will be a great time to complete and catch up with things that have been lingering or for solidifying the foundations of new projects getting ready to emerge. Then, on January 27th, Mercury breaks new ground, moving beyond its retrograde shadow. From then through Feb 4th there will be lots of momentum for new thinking and action on projects and in living!

This Tuesday, we move into Moon 7 ~ the Moon of Attunement, a time of noticing what stories, songs, and frequencies we’re attuned to and thus what becomes our lives. Discernment and Directness are our guides. As we step atop this mountain peak of the year, the moonlit sky becomes a Mirror. Raise your hands and invite in the ongoing perceptual shifts that come from seeing yourself reflected by the vastness of the cosmos. This delivers us to a crossover ~moment of transformation~ around how we meet challenges and relatedness that was birthed in September’s Moon 2.

Hear more in my Moon 7 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Venus is reaching it’s brightest this month, and can be see in the west-southwest approaching much more faint Mars. Very late night/early morning in the southeast, bright white Jupiter is graciously approaching the bright star Spica, the Seed Jewel in the hand of Virgo the goddess.

Reading Your Cosmic Map ~ An Astrological Adventure is beginning! Folks are already leaping into the self-paced online course environment, sharing birth stories, and beginning to learn astrological language. A perfect winter time journey… Come have fun with us!

Happy Going Direct,

Stargazer Li


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