Attuning to Curiosity

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The past two nights, I’ve been able to look out and see stars, after so many nights without them! Ahhh, the dark of night and sparkle of stars, is there any better medicine? We’re at home in the cosmos if we but open our eyes and remember! Now, the brightest of winter stars and constellations (Orion, the Dog Star, the Pleiades, the Twins…) can be seen early evening in the southeast, moving further to the south through the night. Glorious!!

If you’d like to join us for a long winter’s night of stargazing, learning the names and stories of these beauties, there’s one coming up on January 28th.

We’re in the Moon of Attunement now, so it’s a time for noticing what we’re tuned into, and for changing our tune and tuning! This is something we can each do and choose for ourselves, regardless of what’s happening around us. What questions, songs, or stories are “playing” in your being? 

Since the new year, we’ve been in the Mirror wave, and so a shifting of perceptions and perspectives has been the wayMercury went direct, and after a perhaps bumpy start is now picking up some momentum, so we should be catching up a bit and getting things taken care of that went haywire.

Yesterday, we entered the Monkey wave, so it’s transformation and liberation time. This is not about making a plan according to our former ways of thinking, but of discovering a new path, or way of being along the path, through allowing our curiosity to lead the way as we attune to and through Monkey’s play. We’re crafting our liberation. Trickster may mess with us as needed to shake loose our problem-focus, so if you find yourself getting all bent out of shape and thinking you’re entitled to thing’s going your way if you’re “good,” but life seems to differ, just remember to give Monkey a banana! It might also be time to ask what life is offering for us to learn in this moment.

Perhaps your curiosity may lead you along the path of Reading Your Cosmic Map ~ An Astrological Adventure. Here you can learn the story of the moment of your birth, and how that’s being lived as your story now! Our first call is this week. A perfect winter time journey… Come have fun with us!

Hear more about the themes unfolding in these times in my (always free) Moon 7 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Monkeying Around,

Stargazer Li


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