Wizards On The Move

Greetings Keeper of Time,
What a time it’s been the past few weeks!! We’ve been plunged into the primordial soup of unfocusedness and lack of clarity amidst the demand for being solidly present and taking action. It’s been a raw time for many, with big upheavals and lots of unknowns. In the process, newness has been birthed around how we show up in relatedness and in how we meet challenges in our lives. This newness will continue to develop into our new ways of being in the times to come…
Good news! We’ll begin to emerge from the primordialness on Monday as we shift from the Dragon wave to the Wizard wave, continuing as we enter Moon 3 ~ the Moon of Motion ~ on Tuesday.
As Wizards, we move from relatedness into relating, where the third thing, beyond twoness, emerges through the dance of effortlessly following and trusting what wants to happen, shapeshifting to meet the moment. We have everything we need to move and relate as life calls us forth…

As Wizards dance to the natural rhythms of the time givers, Mercury goes Direct in Virgo on Wednesday, and then Thursday, the Sun moves into Libra on the Autumn Equinox. Notice the horizon places of the rising and setting of the Sun on this day marking directly east and west, as the Wizards of old surely would have.

As Wizards, this time serves us in becoming more adept in the balancing dance of relating in new ways.

Moon 3 is one of the most quiet Moons of this year, as the astrological intensity lightens up, giving us a chance to move on into living what‘s been birthed these past few weeksTake a breath and let it out. Wake up in the morning, and remember that you’re a Wizard!

Hear more in the Moon 3 Audio Calendar Podcast, (which is back to being regular length as this is a much more mellow Moon than the previous two).

If you’d like to move deeper into relating and being connected with life, consider joining us for Converse with the Universe ~ A Monthly Call to Live Amazingly Sign up before our Sept 22nd call and you’ll receive the Aug call recording too. The theme of our next call is Correspondence ~ As Above, So Below.

Happy Moving On,

Stargazer Li

You can still leap into this round of Reading Your Cosmic Map ~ An Astrological Adventure before our first call on Tuesday Sept 20th. Join us on this journey of delving deeply into knowing and storying ourselves in new ways…


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