Storming into the New Year

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Today, the year comes to a close in this modernized Mayan time cycles blended with astrology and the sky-story calendar from which I divine and speak…

Then comes a day between the years, tomorrow’s Day Out of Time, on a 10 Mirror portal day in the Moon wave, offering the possibility of manifesting a new perspective that’s guided by embodied intuition and the cycles of life. Thirteen Moons of 28 days each equals 364 days, which leaves one remaining day, the Day Out of Time, which always falls on July 25th. This is a day between the years, a day I always set aside with no plans of any kind. A day of seeing what life has in mind…

Then comes the new year on Tuesday July 26th, this year arriving on an 11 Storm day in the Moon wave in the green realm of centering in Magic. This will be a year of letting go, release, and many liberating Storms. It will be an activating, catalyzing, and energizing year to be sure, full of the unexpected. Toward weathering the storms well, we can be guided by Moon Magic, entraining our bodies and beings with the cool rhythms of waxing and waning, ebbing and flowing, and the seen signs of the night’s time giver.

Speaking of which, right around midnight on the beginning of July 26th, the disseminating into last quarter Moon will rise in the east exactly conjunct the planet Uranus (which I often think of as embodying Storm energy)! I highly encourage being up and out to see and greet this emergence, and to receive what it might reveal to us of the Moony Liberating Storms to come.

The Moon and Uranus will be in fiery, active, and impulsive Aries, so developing our capacity to embody the Mars vibe of Warrior energy well is still woven into the learning story for the time ahead. No doubt, as there is clearly still much for us to learn.

As we move further into Moon 1 ~ the Moon of Purpose ~ for this year, later this coming week we move into the time of Wind, where breathe and speech inspire, and we dance with and and are danced by spirit and the unseen. Take care with what you say and sing, and what you breathe in. Every word has power, swirling into life and transforming as it goes, sometimes even into wind-whipped storms…

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Happy Liberating Storminess,

Stargazer Li

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