Moon Magic

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Having visited Mars and then ridden the heart of the Scorpio with Saturn the past two nights, tonight the waxing Moon fords the Milky Way river at the center of our galaxy. Be sure to go out and say hello! Saturn and Mars are just a relaxed horn of time each to the west of the Moon tonight (pretty good concert, if you know what I mean).

Today we begin the 13-day Moon wave, which also initiates the green realm of Centering in Magic. Moon shows us the ways of magic, initiates us into magic, and moves the tides of magic in our bodies and beings.

The new year in this calendar of mine begins soon, on July 26th, which falls within this Moon wave. And so, the purpose from which the new year originates has to do with the rhythms of Moon Magic, with our learning to wax and wane, ebb and flow, and move along the starry road visiting our cosmic lovers, night to night, each in turn in different ways while bringing and receiving different gifts. Go out tonight and bathe in the cool light of the Moon. Drink your fill, and receive any blessings, messages, or teachings the Moon may bestow…

The New Year in this calendar of mine falls on an 11 Storm day in the Moon waveThe year ahead is likely to be very energizing and liberating!

Hear the themes for this new year, Moon 1, and the highlights and hot spots (and there are a couple of doozies) for the whole year in my Moon 1 & New Year Overview Audio Calendar Podcast.

The Moon Storm Liberations Year Calendar is Available!
Order a printed calendar for viewing as you listen to the podcasts for this year, as it will greatly enhance your understanding of and engagement with the podcasts and with the storied unfolding of the year.

Happy Mooning,

Stargazer Li

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