Moving Freely

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Now that we’ve all been sufficiently challenged, and are learning to simply journey with and through what arises, things are about to really get moving…

If you read this tonight, look on Saturday before dawn in the east and you may be able to glimpse the loveliness of the waning Crescent Moon with Jupiter.

This ushers in Moon 3 ~ the Moon of Motion ~ with the flip of a Skywalking Serpent’s tail, freeing our vitality to undulate through our bodies and beings into our lived lives.

Then, on Sunday, we move into two weeks of the World-bridger wave, with Pluto going Direct, the Autumn Equinox as the Sun moves into Libra, and the Libra New Moon. This calls us to seek equilibrium through continuous balancing movement, by dying to who we’ve been, surrendering in true humility, and learning to live in the liminal zone between worlds. There’s a freedom in this. It involves letting go and keeping moving, and transforming polarity into creative tension. This is likely to be a very trippy time, with prevelant unusualness and even spirit encounters.

To make the mix even more interesting, this is also when Jupiter in Leo trines Uranus in Aries, one of the big astrological transits of this year. There are likely to be fiery activating occurrences. Welcome the unexpected beneficial opportunities, revel in creative possibilities and inspirations, and celebrate the expression of your uniqueness! This is the first of three passes, so notice what arises as it will continue to develop and play out over the course of the year.

Next weekend, you can see the waxing Crescent Moon with Saturn in the west early evening, and also Mars riding the heart of the Scorpion in the southwest. (Stargazing Evening opportunity, see below).

After that, as we move into October, comes the Storm wave and Mercury going Retrograde in Scorpio, and a visible Total Lunar Eclipse with Uranus, with Mars joining Jupiter and Uranus to make a Grand Fire Trine. Hot, and deeply stimuating!! That oughta get us moving…

Hear about all this and more in my Moon 3 Podcast.

Happy Moving Freely,

Stargazer Li


An Evening of Stargazing Saturday Sept 27th
Kids Welcome with Adults.
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NOTE: The Full Moon shown on the Astro Wheel of the printed calendar for Moon 3 should be in Aries (rather than Pisces).



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