Slow Ride

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Did you see the waning Crescent Moon with Venus this morning in the east before sunrise? Gorgeous! You have another chance on Wednesday morning…

Venus has recently shifted from being the Evening Star to the Morning Star, beginning a new 585-day Venus cycle. Astrologically, this Venus cycle is Capricornian, emphasizing mature, respectful, slow, and enduring ways of relating, as well as our being responsible with our resources and possessions.

This pass of the waning Crescent Moon is the first divestment of Venus, the relinquishing of the crown, to be followed in the coming months by releasing one vestment after another, toward walking naked into the underworld in nine months time.

Did I mention that Venus is conjunct Pluto right now too, at the exact degree Pluto will be in April for the major astrological transits of that time? I imagine Venus tossing its crown to Pluto… A deep transformation in the foundational structures of how we relate and in how we value is being initiated.

And, Jupiter in Cancer is pulling into opposition with Pluto and Venus (exact on Friday which is also when Venus goes Direct), so relational encounters are likely to reveal to us our need for nurturing and nesting (so give them to yourself rather than dissolving into an emotional puddle). Expansion can come through the journey of connecting with our ancestors and roots, those slow old ways.


After starting off relatively gently, the Storm wave has been a bit more vigorous the past week! You may have experienced some edginess, grumpiness, or wonkiness. Here’s hoping you’ve been able to not take it personally, but to learn from what it’s brought and keep attuning to your authentic beingness. Let the storm pass…

Thursday’s New Moon in Aquarius brings a big shift with the start of the Human wave, and Friday (with the actual “new” visible Moon) the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse. This is a major shift from the past two years of the Dragon and the Serpent. From being immersed in the deep and dark we now get to leap upon our steeds and ride…

Coming as we enter the Human wave in this Moon of Attunement, offers this as our new experience of being human, to know and attune to ourselves as creative, growthful, and intuitive. There’s much vigor, health, and activity to come. Be inspired and uplifted. It’s finally time!


Happy Humanizing,

Stargazer Li


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