Independent Vision

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The next few nights are ripe for gazing upon and being dazzled into greater aliveness by the beauty of the sparkling heavens!

This evening (Sunday), just as it’s starting to get dark, if you have a view low to the west, you might glimpse Saturn (above) and Mercury (below) with the sliver of a just new Moon (and the star Zubenelgenubi to their left), with bright shining Venus up even higher to the left. Many planets are close together in Scorpio. There’s a transformational depth and powerfulness to the coming times, for which this is the opening gambit. Notice what’s arising, and give the energy a place to go…

Tomorrow evening (Monday), the Moon will be a bit more of a Crescent and joining Venus (yes the Moon moves that far in 24 hours!). The three stars nearby are the head and shoulders of the Scorpion. This is the 6th Crescent Moon to visit since Venus emerged in May as the Evening Star, and is considered to be the conferring of the 6th vestment of Venus, where the Scepter is received. This is the opening of the 3rd eye to vision and intuition. So gaze upon them and receive the vision. Open your eye!

Interestingly, just yeseterday we entered the 13-day Eagle wave. So, the theme of vision, of really seeing, is strongly with us these next couple of weeks. Also, a certain sense of independence. Pay close attention to what you see and what’s true for you. This is a good time to look at the big picture as well the important details. Here in the Moon of Motion, we can set our vision into motion, getting things rolling before the Mercury retrograde later this month gives us a chance to review and revise.

Also, on Monday & Tuesday nights, is the Draconids meteor shower. This is usually a mild shower. It has its radiant in the north by Draco the Dragon, so it’s good to watch for any time of night, rather than the usual needing to wait until we’re approaching dawn. Go out and look up, and converse with the universe!

Major shift alert!
Moon 3 and the Eagle wave end on Oct 17th & the Star wave and Moon 4, the Moon of Form, begin on Oct 18th, with a visible penumbral eclipse as the Full Moon in Aries rises! This is a pronounced moment where a major shift asserts itself within the pattern. Late October into early November will be revolutionary, the Birth of a New Form.


Happy Seeing What’s Moving,

Stargazer Li


I say so much more about this time in my Audio Calendar Podcast for Moon 3 ~ the Moon of Motion.
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I’ll be traveling as Moon 4 begins, but check my blog as I”ll to post the audio on time…



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