My Web Development Team

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m a very hands-on kind of a person, wanting to be involved in crafting every word, shape, layout and color.

And yet, I love to collaborate and be inspired and influenced by other creatives equally as well.

This website is a collaborative creation, and I want to acknowledge my “team” of amazing beings:

Peter van Gorder  ~ ~ everything website development, plus great ideas. He’s a technology and programming wizard!

Alexandra Franzen ~ ~ soulful scribe who listens deeply and dances words with brevity and grace across the page…

Buffie Harris ~  Design Orbit ~ always gets the ball rolling with great ideas and designs.

Lisa Baiter ~ ~ brings her refined aesthetic to cultivating the layouts and visioning the photographs.

Megan Eberhardt ~ my trusty apprentice and all-around amazing wordsmith, idea generator, and being.

Suzan Walter ~ my multi-talented mother, who recently reminded me that I’m golden…