Yin Water Rabbit New Year

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

High above the Moon 7 mountain peak of this Wizard Moon Bridges Worlds year, shines the eternally dancing creative beauty of Star, seen sparkling in the velvety blackness of night. We express what we are attuned to. Here and Now, we are invited to dance within the unfathomable depths of the real real world

This weekend’s beginning of the 13-day Star wave ushers in Dark Moon in Aquarius (ever so close to Earth, so a strong tidal energy!) & the Chinese New Year of the Water Rabbit. 

Yin Water Rabbit brings a much more sensitive, reflective, quiet energy than the Tiger year we’re leaving! This is a Moon being, living in a more flowing and opening way. Here’s a lovely article speaking the energies of Water Rabbit!

Tomorrow, Uranus turns Direct (so all the planets will be moving forward for the​ coming few months!). This initiates spontaneous movement with, and as, the new energies of these times. So, Rabbit will be sufficiently energized and activated with new energies that can get us hopping around (especially if we’re not too reactively jumpy), all in good timing. 

Sunday (and Monday) early evenings, the New Moon waxingly slivers into a welcoming encounter with Evening Star Venus closely conjunct Saturn in the west, conferring the 1st vestment root chakra robes. Gradualness and grace carry us along the beauty way.

Moon will join with Jupiter on Wednesday evening 1/25, very closely with Mars on Monday 1/30. Mercury will be visible late January in the east before dawn. 

Hear so much more in my Moon 7 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Yin Water Rabbit New Year,



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