Wizard Moon Bridges Worlds New Year

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Saturday begins the Worldbridger wave, which will carry us through the final couple days of Moon 13 ~ the Moon of Freedom, through Monday’s Day Out of Time (which comes between the years, my personal favorite day to let go and see what​ wants to unfold!), and into Tuesday’s July 26th New Year and start of Moon 1.

An immense surrendering of our insistences us upon us, accompanied by an invitation to reside in humility as a threshold between worlds.

The theme of the Year is revealed through the layered story of the first day of the year. The New Year —July 26, 2022— arrives on a 4 Moon portal day in the Worldbridger wave. This commences the fourth year of the 13-year Wizard journey. 

Four embodies Form, taking measure, articulating and expressively embodying what the movements of Three (this past year) are making tangible. This is the subtley noticeable Whatness of our ongoing trans-Formational experience.

Moon quietly shines the cyclic rhythms of waxing & waning, as itself an apparently ever-changing embodied form, created by reflective movement. Moon shows us where we are in the formative process of ongoing metamorphosis. These very real energies are so strong as to influence the tidal movements of water on Earth and in our bodies! This year invites us into experiencing & expressing phase-changing Moon Form.

Moon Form Worldbridging on a portal day invites us to humbly surrender who and what we’ve been, to inhabit the threshold between worlds, to become living liminal portals as our new form. We’re immersed in the phase-changing experience of this unfolding expression of All-That-Is, emerging as This Moment. We’re invited into ongoing intimate relatedness with the beyond human, through which we become more actually, and naturally, human. This is a refining and clarifying process, a profoundly subtle transForming of our lived experience.

Wizard Moon Bridges Worlds, shining cool reflective light, journeying relaxedly, embodying changingness. As what connects worlds, we become portals, residing here, in quite different form than we even thought form could be, the expression of emergent aliveness. 

As Tuesday’s new year begins on a 4 Moon portal day in the World-bridger wave, before dawn in the east, Waning Crescent Moon visits Venus for the 7th divestment. Dropping our root chakra robes, ready to soon journey the underworld, liminal zone enveloping us even now, we stand naked in our power, as love, Worldbridgers portaling.

Darkened into Thursday’s New Moon in Leo, with great generosity and exuberance for life, engaged in creative play, we’re becoming original… As we do, Jupiter in Aries turns retrograde, our action-orientation heading us back toward living a vaguely remembered Piscean dream. Meanwhile, on August 1st, vigorous Mars joins awakener Uranus in Taurus, activating and revolutionizing the immediacy of our sensual embodiment. Readying us for the​ activating and energizing Storm wave, which begins on August 5th!

This year, we learn to live ongoing changingness in form, as a portal of presence that bridges worlds.

Hear the whole story in my Moon 1 & New Year Audio Calendar Podcast!

Happy Wizard Moon Bridges Worlds New Year​,


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