Revolutionary Presence

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight, early evening low in the west, Moon visits Venus for the 1st Vestment, conferring root chakra robes to Venus, who is more fully emerging from a recent underworld journey, now ready to meet life and be met and clothed, layer by layer. (I many count where we are in the vestments different from some, just so you know.)​ See them among the stars of the Twins. 

We’re ready to be present and at home, in our bodies, and in love,​ here in the Dog wave in this Moon of Integration, and as we approach the more inward Night wave. 

Moon moves on toward Mars over the coming couple of evenings, weaving  Venus and Mars together as they slowly drawn nearer. 

Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (the big transit of 2021) continues to intensify, becoming exact on Monday. This is the energy of revolutionary revolution, that doesn’t look like what we think. There’s tons of energy available for doing the work of embodying the new energies and  reality. It’s not about efforting, but living and contributing our integral uniqueness. Be willing to not know how or have a plan. Leap into the moment!

There also seems to be hints of a new fiscal reality emerging during this Uranus (ruler of Aquarius, and very electronic) in Taurus (ruled by Venus and and involved with money and havingness) square (an internal tension resolved through learning to take action from new places in our beings) Saturn (maturity and responsibility) in Aquarius ​(cosmic energies and newness). This seemed to touch off when Mercury and Venus came together, and then Mercury went retrograde, a couple weeks ago. Thermodynamic cryptocurrency, next level tech, and beyond governmental consensus and engagement has been lots in the news, and well worth continuing to notice, and to see what​ arises during the Saturn square Uranus​ passes to come (Dec ’21 & early Oct ’22) . 

Tuesday moves us into the 13-day Night wave, a time for integration, through being at home & turning inward, reading stories, and dreaming deep.

Hear more in my Moon 12 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Jupiter & Saturn shine in the east late night.

Happy Revolutionary Presence,


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