Seeding Liberating New Visions

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’re in the midst of Seeding Liberating New Visions. 

Today, a portal opens (and stays open for the next ten days), allowing growthful emergence to the next level for what was once buried in the deep.

Tuesday’s fertile New Moon in Taurus lavishes pleasures-of-embodiment living. Roll in the richness… ​Here, is the place to be. Havingness capacity is worth developing!

On Wednesday, slivered Moon entices Venus up from an underworld initiation with a diaphanous gown (subtly glimpsed very low in the west after sunset, if the moment catches you). 

Amidst this extravaganza of fecundity, Jupiter moves into Pisces for an initial foray (having moved quickly through Aquarius), now dissolving what no longer serves as we begin journeying our new story with a more watery-feeling flow & expansive, spirit-melding imaginativeness. Hear so much more on this in my Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Transformation is a process of emergence & ripening.​..

Mars shines in the west evenings amidst the stars of the Gemini Twins, visited by Moon on Saturday. ​Jupiter and Saturn shine in the east before dawn. ​

Happily Seeding Liberating New Visions,


Essence Elixirs
Human Freedom

Ancestor Tracking Sessions
for remembering ourselves as humans, connected with the humans that came before, as well as their times and places, bring us home to our humanness.


Last year, I was interviewed for the Bespoken Bones podcast. I geeked out in a big way on ancestor tracking, reality, rivers, the Paleolithic, stars, inviting, and so much more. Enjoy!


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