Integrating With Love

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Welcome to Moon 12 ~ the Moon of Integration, in this Wizard Meets Mirroring Storm Year!

We’ve just completed Moon 11, where we recognized so much of what was dissonant and did plenty of releasing! Now, we integrate what remains into a new sense and experience, with an eye toward the learning of this whole year since last July (with lots of retrograde happening), and looking ahead to the Wizard Seeds Wind year that begins this July.

This is also a time of us showing up as and contributing our unique presence and beingness as integral to the comings together that are bringing the newness of this time. Us bringing us is our work and responsibility!

These opening few days of the Moon of Integration, we find our way, navigating Earthedness by synchronicity, learning to ground and settle in thru embodied presence in meeting all of life, and building complex stability as we ripen into living here beneath Moon and stars.

On Wednesday, comes the 13-day Dog wave, bringing so much Love to this journey ~ love of home & family & friends, and love of work, love of this life.

Mercury & Venus are currently dancing together in Gemini, visible low in the west after sunset, with Mercury having turned retrograde yesterday. Here too we see the focus on love, and words of love, shifting thinking around love, coming from love, receiving love, conversing with love. This is a very changeable and interestedly engaged moment… 

Hear more in my Moon 12 Audio Calendar Podcast.

You still might catch Mercury & Venus close together low in the west after sunset. Mars shines in the west evenings. Jupiter and Saturn shine in the east very late night, and you’ll see Moon with Saturn tonight and tomorrow night, then with Jupiter on Tuesday night.

Happy Integrating With Love,


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