Bull Riding

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Sun & Mercury enter Taurus the Bull tomorrow, joining Venus (the ruler of Taurus) & Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius, in this Aquarian new reality emerging time) already ensconced in this earthy fixed sign…

Taurian energy brings embodiment, and optimally, the pleasures of embodiment ~ reveling in sensual and sensory experience, enjoying good foods of the earth, texture, havingness, and strong slowness. While Taurus can sometimes get bogged down (and challenges that arise will likely be​ related to our stubborn insistences), Uranus’ electrifying energy and suddenness is keeping things lively. We’re learning how to embody the new Aquarian energies!!

Venus (Thursday), Mercury (Friday), then Sun (a week from Friday) will conjoin with Uranus in Taurus, sparking revolutionary experiences of embodiment in our loving and having, thinking and communicating, and sense of purpose and identity. This continues the very personal layer of learning to live this new Aquarian reality that’s been unfolding the past month or so.  

Bull riding comes to mind… learning to meet, for even seconds at a time, wild aliveness that doesn’t want to be tamed. Can we learn to be both bull and rider, joined in a vitalizing dance, not of domination but of mutual enlivening through expressive engagement?!

Through Friday, the Mirror wave in this Moon of Manifestation continues. Reflection and perceptual shifting is happening as we experience the embodiment of these new energies, and these perceptual shifts are contributing​ to our being able to embody and experience the energies in new ways. This wave, carries us up to the transformational center of this entire round of waves (that began mid December) in which we’re learning & becoming through meeting the world beyond ourselves. Next weekend (Friday into Saturday), comes the moment of transformation. More on this in the midst…

The Lyrids meteor shower peaks pre-dawn Thursday, but anytime midnight to pre-dawn starting Monday night should see some action. Viewing after moonset is best though! Jupiter and Saturn shine in the east before dawn, and Mars in the west evenings.

Happy Bull Riding,



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