Storm Action

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’re in the last few days of the Worldbridger wave in this Moon of Action, continuing to die to who we’ve been, surrender with humility, and actively bridge worlds by bringing our ongoing intimate connection with Life, with Spirit, into how we show up in this world. 

Needless to say, how we used to show up is so not happening! This can be very unsettling for our sense of who we are and our okayness, as we’re being asked to take action by showing up and contributing our presence while being shown the less mature or developed ways we’ve been doing this. Ouch. Ha. Hard to see, but so worth simply seeing, humbly owning, and shifting!

All the planets are now direct, moving forward, until late April. Mercury still has a couple of weeks until it breaks new ground beyond its retrograde shadow (so this is a good time to be shifting our thinking and communicating according to the new perspectives gained through the recent retrograde). Now’s the time for us to move on into, and as, the new reality.

On Wednesday, the Storm wave (in this Storm year!) rolls in… This is the new energy of this Aquarian new time showing up full on for us to be dosed with. Timely energetic activation becomes what moves us into action. No longer does the old brute force “trying hard to make certain things happen” approach work (in any way). Storm action can bring a welcome resuscitation, making us actively vigorous beyond what we’ve ever experienced before. When we’re being in action with (& as) Storm, a well-timed jolt catalyzes massive change, in a moment. Be catalytic! 

Also on Wednesday, amidst the Storm, Mars moves into Gemini, stepping us into a more airy, light, and changeable experience of having the will for being actively engaged. Lots of active learning and talking to ensue…

On Thursday, Mercury joins with Jupiter in Aquarius for the third and final time in these past few months. We’re beginning to perceive the new way of journeying in life expanding before us…

Planetary action is picking up in the​ visible heavens too! Mars can be seen with the Pleiades, evenings all this week in the southwest. Saturn and Jupiter are emerging in the east before Dawn, with Mercury dancing with Jupiter mid-week. Venus remains hidden in the underworld.

Hear the bigger story in my Moon 8 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Next weekend, the Storm wave actions sweep us into the Moon of Realization…

Happy Storm Action,



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