Moon Kissed By Eagle Star, Blessing Selfhood

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight, Gemini Full Moon shines, subtly shadowed overnight by a penumbral eclipse. Celebrate intelligence, independence, and change. In this close of the Eagle wave, we’re invited to come into living our personal thinking and communicating ways in a more authentic expression. Only a slight darkening from this penumbral eclipse may be visible in North America​. This also begins the eclipse season that culminates in a Total Solar Eclipse in two weeks (which is a big one coming!).

As we move into this week, this is a time to hear and see the storied symphony of Stars dancing their courses across the sky, with Jupiter & Saturn cheek to cheek in the southwest. Now, magic ripens us into fully beauty-making delicious selves. We are star-beings embodied, coming to know our selves as the Universe living as us.

This is the time for becoming the selves we soon bring to meeting the world beyond ourselves in the time to come.

Hear the whole story in my Moon 5 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Mars shines evenings in the south, while Jupiter & Saturn come ever closer together in the southwest. And, you can see Venus shining in the pre-dawn eastern sky.

Happy Moon Kissed By Eagle Star Blessing Your Selfhood,



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