Skywalking into What Is

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Today we move on from the new beginning that was initiated early February through yesterday. Take a moment to notice and acknowledge what new ways of taking action and living what you believe have begun.

Now, we enter the realm of refining and clarifying that new beginning. Mars and Saturn are right together so the hard work continues, but now it becomes less of clearing new ground and more refining what’s begun.​ We do this by Skywalking, by journeying in many dimensions simultaneouslyThe trick is to be living cosmically as well as earthedly. When we move into the Moon of Manifestation on Wedneday, this journeying way becomes our What Is, as we live our lives.

Mercury is still retrograde in Aries for a couple more weeks, so our thinking and communicating impulses continue to be reworked. Let the vitality of spring pulse through you into growthfulness.

Before dawn, bright white Jupiter is in the south, and reddish Mars is right by yellowish Saturn lower in the southeast atop the Teapot of the constellation Sagittarius. Moon will visit Jupiter before dawn Wednesday, then Mars and Saturn on Saturday. Also, be sure to say hello to Venus, rising higher and higher in the west after sunset!

There’s a lot to come as we journey the next few weeks. Hear the full story in my Moon 10 podcast.

Happy Skywalking,


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