Actively Bridging Worlds

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Big shifts going on these past few days, as I’m sure you’ve noticed! You may have also noticed that positive potentiality abounds!

This has all been happening as Jupiter in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn (exact yesterday, but drawing in the past week and around for another). We’re being invited (none to gently, which I’ll get to in a minute) to expand and transform at deep, structural levels. To make this happen, we must take action in new ways; this is the change and brings the change.

In a way, as we enter this Worldbridger wave, we’re being asked to die to who we’ve been and to each moment, to surrender in humility. This is not about giving up in defeat, but rather relinquishing our tight grip on what no longer serves in who and how we’ve been. This process is refining us, deeply. Today is a 2 Hand day in the Worldbridger wave, a time for resting on the liminal threshold between worlds and extending our open hands in either direction, becoming the bridge.

Now about that forceful shove, pushing us out of our comfort zone… Aries is actively in the mix these days in many ways and from many directions. Aries is the energy of spring springing forth, it’s impulsive, new, active, self-expressive, willful, and embodied. This is fiery warrior energy in the best and worst senses.

Moon moved into Aries Friday evening. Did you felt the abrupt change as Moon moved from watery, transcendent Pisces to active, self-expressing Aries? Today is the New Moon in Aries. This is a new beginning. It’s time to assert the living of your nature.

Mercury has been retrograde in Aries for weeks (thus the aggressive impulses, and talking over familiar themes). Early this morning, Mercury went direct. Give things a week to get going again, and still we’ll be going over the same ground (now for the third pass in Aries), so pay attention to this new angle of approach to thinking and communicating.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, moves into Aries on Tuesday (for many years, with a brief dip back into Pisces). This is a huge shift from Pisces into Aries, that brings up all of the Aries themes for healing, spanning the range from over-aggressiveness to lack of assertion of self. Chiron being between Saturn (the last of the visible planets, and considered a social planet) and Uranus (the first of the not so visible planets, and a transpersonal planet) this healing time seems to also be in relation to our expressing the seemingly beyond this world in this world, into bridging worlds!

Also, on Tuesday, Saturn goes retrograde. ​This time of stationing (slowing down to change directions) is powerful, and the coming months will be an opportunity to revisit the areas and ways in which we’ve recently begun to take greater responsibility and exercise our own authority. take the long view, and keep working on what you’ve begun since late December.

Tuesday early evening, visible in the west, Moon is with Venus (in Taurus, astrologically) for the 2nd vestment –– the conferring of the belted girdle –– a vested reminder of the pleasures of swaying our hips as we walk this life

Jupiter is now rising before midnight (near Zubenelgenubi, for those who know this claw of the Scorpion). yellowish Saturn and reddish Mars are low in the south before dawn, shining brightly near the handle of the Teapot (or the drawn back arm of the Archer).

Hear more of the story in my Moon 10 podcast.

Happy Active Bridging of Worlds,


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