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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Such a potent weekend of Full Moon in Gemini, Mercury turning retrograde (until the 22nd), Jupiter in Scorpio (yes the deep is being dredged) trine Neptune in Pisces (and we’re feeling it) flow, all as we’ve been journeying deep into the Night of our beings, coming home to our selves. There are gifts here to receive, the riches of our inner life.

And, this Mercury pirouette is with Saturn, aligned with the​ center of our galaxy. So, this is not just a personal “my life” kind of a thing. It’s really about our experience of self in the universe, or even, as the universe living as us! What way bigger and deeper story have you been a part of and living this past week? It’s time to reconsider the stories we’ve told and live, which includes what we’re rooted in, our origins and ancestors.

Have you noticed that “ancestors” is a lingering theme these days, long after the day of the dead, all hallows, time of year?! It’s time to honor and remember our ancestors, and to know our selves as lineaged beings. The deeper I travel into my own ancestry, the more truly human I become. I offered a virtual ancestor tracking workshop this autumn (recordings available); so fun!! Everyone who really dove in learned so much about their ancestors’ lives, and truly connected with those ancestors (and themselves) in new ways! I’ll likely offer this again over the winter (click the link to get on the list to hear about it when the time comes). 

Now, newly storied, our Warrior self emerges from the depths of Night, able to move slowly and allow the ripening of selfhood, capable of standing strong, in full presence, to meet what arises fearlessly, even as Jupiter approaches Zubenelgenubi, the claw of the Scorpion, and Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all slip from the sky into the underworld. Jupiter can be seen in the east before dawn, and will get higher and brighter in the weeks to come. Mars is around but faint. Everybody else is diving into the deep, and won’t be seen for a while!

We’re being invited to experience and move from presence, no matter what​ is going on. The time of waiting until the conditions are right and then we’ll… is over! Have the heart to step up, and step in, and move in life strongly, trusting yourself and the moment. This is a form of selfhood that emerges as we go.

Hear more storying in my Moon 5 Audio Calendar Podcast.

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Happy Storied Presencing,


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