Integrating Wizardry

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Wizardry is central to the integration of our ongoing liberation, living in trust that everything needed in this moment is present in this moment, including our ability to shapeshift to meet this moment (rather than demanding that it be what we want out of our fearful insecurity). We’re in the 13-day Wizard wave in this Moon of Integration, learning to live effortlessly, as if by magic…

The Full Moon in Sagittarius (on Friday evening in the US), will be shining with Saturn near the center of our galaxy, reminding us to develop and live from our capacity to ride the arrow’s song, to take responsibility for following the guidance and divinations bestowed upon us, adopting this as our approach to living moment to moment. Saturn is now at opposition, it’s brightest time, and shines throughout the shortening nights.

Also tomorrow, Jupiter goes direct, having retrograded back to kneel before the star Porrima, the heart of the Goddess. Now, Jupiter can move directly forward once again toward the seed jewel in the hand of the Goddess, slowly at first, listening for guidance along this journey’s way.

Venus shines as the Morning Star, like a beacon, well before dawn in the east.

Hear the Integrating Our Liberation Story in my
Moon 12 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Integrating Wizardry,

Stargazer Li


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