A Serpent Portal Beckons

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Welcome to the first day of Moon 6 ~ the Moon of Balancing, of meeting the world beyond our selves, as the Full Moon in Gemini shines brightly for some and is cloud-hidden but whispering loudly for others…

This is a Stormy day for living the learning of a couple weeks ago, as we begin to meet the world as our newly becoming Human selves. It’s a balancing dance, so let yourself move and adjust as you find your way…

On Monday, Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn, to confound our holiday plans before turning direct again on Jan 8th. Be open to revising and reconsidering plans and traditional approaches. Take another look at things, in all seriousness, from a new angle.

The Serpent wave slithers from its hole on Monday, to dance cosmic vitality into us through ten straight intensifying portal days, during which three major astrological transits are initiated that we’ll be learning with over the coming year.

The astrological transits are potentially quite lovely, albeit extremely concentrated (exact right around Christmas). Learn more about the themes likely to arise, toward meet them well, in my Moon 6 Audio Calendar Podcast. This is a special longer edition to speak to the big astrological and calendar story happenings. You can listen a bit at a time, or just dive in deep. Free as always.

I’m dosing ongoingly with Serpent Moon to elicit the undulating!

Happy Undulatingly Balancing Dance,

Stargazer Li


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