Flying High in the Shooting Stars Sky

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Just a few more days of the Wind wave, as we breathe in spirt and become inspired and inspiring… then on Thursday, Eagle takes wing, lifted by wind, to fly high and soaringly see our purpose for this year, which is related to seeing from a new perspective.

Just then, the Moon visits Mars (Thursday), then Saturn (Friday), and the Perseids meteor shower peaks. There is potent embodiment, tangibility, and celebration that can come from this new perspective and vision.

The Perseids peak the night into pre-dawn of the12th, but the nights of the 11th and 13th should be pretty good too. They’re saying this could be a good year (more shooting stars than some years). Viewing is generally better later in the night, after moonset and after midnight, due to earth turning into the debris flow that makes for all these shooting stars. But any time under the stars is good!

Remember the Weaver Girl and Cowherd are to be reunited on Wednesday evening, so maybe the fireworks will be getting going then in a happy with life kind of a way…

At its closest next weekend, but pulling in all week and then lingering for another week is Jupiter opposing Chiron, an invitation into practical mysticism as well as healing and teaching relationships. Expansion in relatedness comes from seeing and living our gifts rather than our wounds. This is timely before we head into Moon 2, which is one of the big ones this year!

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Happy Flying Among the Stars,

Stargazer Li

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