Presencing Respectfully & Powerfully

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Did you catch the lovely Crescent Moon with Jupiter last night in the west? They’ll be fairly near again tonight before the Moon heads toward the south and a rendezvous with “still bright but losing its luster” Mars later this coming week.

Speaking of Mars, that thwarted feeling from the past couple of months of Mars being retrograde, like nothing could get going, began to shift about 10 days ago when Mars in Scorpio went direct. But, as I suspected, it wasn’t all “let’s move on” time. There was an ornery, irritated throwing off energy that a lot of us felt at first, and that seems to have shown up in our world the past week in the extreme as deeply fear-rooted, aggressive power-over hostilty taking the lives of “others.”

Us all being jolted, yet again, into greater awareness of this reality of our society is part of the learning of this cycle of Mars and of the Warrior wave we’ve been in for the past week. May the coming week of the remainder of the Warrior wave be a time where we find ways, from our own depth of presence, to embody the Warrior qualities of courage, vigor, and respect. The power of our embodied presences and our collective actions (less so our emotional reactions) holds greater promise for bringing about transformation than we’ve yet dared to imagine!

We’re in the Moon of Freedom, and it’s worth asking how free any of us are in a society that treats black and native people as we do, where robots with bombs are used to kill citizens (however heinous what they’ve done), where police fund their work through citation quotas that target the most vulnerable among us, where the poisons infused into the food supply are deceptively labeled, where elections are a rigged gameshow, where corporations write the laws, and where medical care is focused on profit rather than health.

This is a critical time when we decide, through our actions, what kind of a society we’ll be living in and raising the next generation in. May we emerge from the emotional wreckage of our horror-struck awareness to experience the power of our humanity, our dignity, and our collective insistence, rather than cowing to the might of the fear mongers. What if Black Friday became Black Lives Matter More than Being in the Black Friday? What if a Political Convention for a New Party was Held? What if, we collectively said No to the agenda laid out for us and developed our own? What if are we going to Do?

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Happy Presencing Respectfully & Powerfully,

Stargazer Li

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