Death and Rebirth in Action

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tomorrow (Saturday) just before dawn, look to the east and behold Venus, Mercury, and the Moon together just above the horizon!! (Pluto is there too lurking invisibly.)

This is the 6th divestment of Venus (the 6th time the waning Crescent Moon has visited Venus as the Morning Star), where Venus drops her girdling belt and allows her 2nd chakra to flow freely.

This is all happening as the Uranus Pluto square is very active (lots of folks wondering why the edgy intensity!). And with Venus, Mercury, and the Moon joining the Pluto side of the equation, it makes for a strong death and rebirth/renewal theme around love, thinking and communicating, and feeling. Go with it!

On Sunday, we enter the Moon of Action, and so this death~rebirth time has to do with being willing and able to drop into our own depths and potency and emerge into action from there!

With the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Fire Monkey arriving Monday, on a Monkey day in my calendar no less, we’re soon to be off on an adventure!

And sure enough, on Wednesday, we embark upon the Skywalker wave, invited tojourney in and with life as our way of being in action.

Hear so much more in my Moon 8 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Deathing and ReBirthing,



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